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Since 1954 Cromatura Cassanese has been a very entrepreneurial qualified and professional firm, thanks to the steady, progressive, structural and technological innovation it is currently a reference point in the Italian market of galvanic finishes.

Rewarded in 1993 with the Gold Medal by the Chamber of Commerce of Varese.


Cromatura Cassanese has always been attentive to environmental issues that may arise from their activities, so it is equipped with the best available technologies for the management and treatment of wastewater originating from the production process, emissions into the atmosphere, noise and for the protection of soil and subsoil.

Cromatura cassanese is certified UNI EN ISO 14001 thanks to the care for their work and for the surrounding environment.


Our facilities allow us the maximum flexibility to deal with items of very different sizes ranging from the smallest to the biggest, and to cope with small, medium and large quantities always with the utmost quality and the best service.


Cromatura Cassanese is the real specialist for finishes, thanks to the three fully automated Galvanic plants operated by computerized systems; and to the department of Cleaning metals, Sandblasting and shot peening that is automatic for small, and manual for bigger items.Thanks to the department of Deburring and tumbling and to the Washing and Pickling department, Cromatura Cassanese is able to secure complete and reliable manufacturing processes and control on both the technical and aesthetic side . Cromatura Cassanese is also specialized in restorations, it is in fact able to give back the original splendour to vintage cars and motorcycles, special watercraft, furniture, scales and slicers and to all the items in need of this type of intervention.


Cromatura Cassanese applies a protocol for verifying the work in order to ensure and certify the quality through modern systems of analysis and verification of the required production parameters, making also:

 Chemical analysis
 Verification of thickness of carry-over with magnetic and electrochemical method
 Verification of thickness of carry
 Over method with X-ray
 Metallographic examinations
 Accelerated corrosion tests in salt spray

All these requirements have helped to meet the most stringent aesthetic and technical quality requirements, and gain recognition of "Qualified Supplier" by some important national and international industries.


Cromatura Cassanese offers a wide and complete range of finishes to meet all requirements in terms of quantity and quality, and it is able to apply its own treatments on Brass, Bronze, Copper, Iron, Cast iron, AVP, Stainless Steel, Aluminum. The completely automated production process, the care for the environmental impact ensure compliance with the required characteristics for the finishing thickness of the reported material. Cromatura Cassanese never ceases to try new solutions, from industry it changes into the laboratory and vice versa, to search different and innovative finishes. For all the existing and future customers it is a dynamic, reliable, capable, flexible and secure partner. Each production is excellent.

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